Hey guys,

Here we come the makers of POPuplar and CONtemporary products “POPCON”. In India being beginning a start-up is biggest risk which follows with complements, support and obviously criticism. He too had same mixed feedback when we discuss with our parents and entrepreneur. We took guidance and stood up on our own business with the aim to capture Indian market.

“If water is stored in a same place for many days, it will begin to stale and smell”. So keeping this thing is mind we have launched a huge varieties in various categories like “clothing”, “Frame-arts”, “Photography”,”Paintings” and many more to come soon. We haven’t limited ourselves with any one product.

We are the group of people belonging to different fields of “Fine-Arts”, “Engineering” and “Finance”. As we have experience of various fields, we design our products precisely without compromising with quality.

So that is our story and yes we too struggled a lot to make POPCON into a market.
We will be posting our blog on various issues so keep reading & keep shopping.
Hope you will like it !!! Have a POPCON day !!!