This a small but powerful story…Little bit long but I hope you will find it interesting 🙂

Place : Airport

A young lady was waiting for her flight in the boarding room, she somehow managed to pass the time but after waiting for hours, she decided to buy a book and a packet of cookies.

This time she came back and sat on a armchair in VIP room to take some rest and read that book in a peace. Beside the armchair where the packet of cookies were kept, a man sat down beside her armchair, opened his magazine and started reading.

she started reading book and ate cookie, the man also took one  and continued reading his magazine. She felt infuriated but didn’t reacted to his act. In her mind she thought : “What a jerk !!! If I was in the mood, ?I would have punch him on his face so that he could not dare to repeat it again…”

To each cookie she ate, the man ate another one. Now this act was letting her fume up with rage but she couldn’t react. When only one cookie remained she thought “Ah…now lets check what this shameless man does next”. As expected he brought his hand on the cookie and divided it into the half, giving  her away the second half.

Ah!!! that was too much she was too angry !!!

She caught her book, threw that empty packet into the dustbin and headed towards boarding place. She boarded the flight and sat on her seat. she looked into the purse for her glasses and for her surprise there a packet on cookies unpacked and untouched.

She was full of guilt and shame, she realized that she was wrong one, she forgot to take out packet from her purse. The man divided and shared cookies with her without feeling infuriated or angry while she was mad and angry for dividing cookies thinking that he was diving her cookies.

There are 4 things which can never be recovered :

  1. The stone after the shot.
  2. The words after uttering.
  3. The occasion after lost.
  4. The time which has passed.

– By Ankit